Meige Performance in CCTV’s “China in Intangible Cultural Heritage” Annual Gala

From January 6 to 9, 2024, invited by the China Central Television(CCTV), a group of 16 individuals, including Luo Wenhui, a representative provincial-level inheritor of Meige from Yao’an County; Zhou Lizhen, a representative prefecture-level inheritor of Meige; Guo Xiaowei and Luo Rongxiu, two folk inheritors of Meige and managers of Yunnan’s Meige Studio; and 11 children from the Meige Children Class, travelled from Yao’an County in the Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, to Shanghai. They went to Shanghai to participate in the recording of the “China in Intangible Cultural Heritage” annual gala (非遗里的中国年度盛典). Experiencing both their first flight and their first visit to Shanghai, the 11 children, dressed in traditional Yi costumes, excitedly walked the streets of Shanghai and proudly shared stories of their hometown with passersby.

A vlog documenting the Meige Child Class’ trip to Shanghai for TV program recording of “China in Intangible Cultural Heritage” Annual Gala (video by Guo Xiaowei)

During the three days stay in Shanghai for rehearsals, they recorded the program “The Sound of Harmony”(和美之音), which was aired on CCTV-1 on the third day of the Chinese New Year, February 12, 2024. The program showcased a cross-genre fusion of two Meige nursery rhymes, “Carving a Wooden Trough” (挖木啦) and “Dancing Together” (一起来跳舞), with symphonic music, bringing the Meige inheritors of the old, middle, and young generations together to sing on the same stage. The cheerful melodies, catchy lyrics, and infectious dance steps created a harmonious and joyful festive atmosphere. Let’s go check it out!

Meige performance titled “The Voice of Harmony,” was aired on CCTV-1 during Chinese New Year in 2024 (video by CCTV, access to this video from the official channel of CCTV on YouTube via