Working in collaboration with members of three villages from China’s multi-ethnic Southwest, the research team seeks out ways to empower community members to take up the new digital technologies to become active collectors and curators of their traditional music and dance. The research includes the development of software apps that use straightforward symbols and Indigenous-language voice commands, enabling all villagers to readily record and share their own songs and other musical heritage digitally, and the creation of an online database dedicated to their artistry. The resulting research framework will be transferable to a broad cross-section of endangered cultures globally.


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Research team

Dr. Lijuan Qian

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jin Dai


Keyi liu


Dr. Leonardo D’Amico

Postdoc (Former Employee)

Xiaoyao Liu

PhD (Former Employee)

Advisory Board

Prof. Jonathan Stock

Ethnomusicologist specializing in Chinese music, indigenous culture in Taiwan.

Dr. Lidia Guzy

Director of the Marginalised and Endangered Worldviews Study Centre (MEWSC).

Prof. Helen Rees

Ethnomusicologist specializing in musics of the Naxi and Han ethnic groups in Yunnan and intangible culture heritage in China. Ethics Advisor of ECura project.

Prof. Yu Hui

Ethnomusicologist specializing in Chinese traditional music in the digital era and ethnic minority music in Yunnan.

Prof. Zhang Junping

Specialist in intelligence information processing, computer science.

Dr. Elizabeth Kiely

Chair of UCC Ethics Committee; Ethics Advisor of ECura project.

Prof. Lonán Ó Briain

Ethnomusicologist specializing in music and culture of Hmong Ethnicity in Vietnam; External Independent Ethics Advisor.

Community leaders – Senior advisors

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Cooperative Partners

Meige Studio

Yunnan Yingda Film and TV Cultural Media Inc.

Funding and Institution