Advisory board

Prof. Jonathan Stock

University College Cork, Ireland. Specialist in Chinese music, indigenous culture in Taiwan

Dr. Lidia Guzy

University College Cork, Ireland. Specialist in anthropology. Director of the Marginalised and Endangered Worldviews Study Centre (MEWSC)

Prof. Helen Rees

University California, Los Angeles, USA. Specialist in musics of the Naxi and Han ethnic groups in Yunnan and intangible culture heritage in China. Ethics Advisor of ECura project.

Prof. Yu Hui

Yunnan University, China. Yunnan-based ethnomusicologist specializing in Chinese traditional music in the digital era and ethnic minority music in Yunnan.

Prof. Zhang Junping

Fudan University, China. Specialist in intelligence information processing, computer science. He will provide various computer and internet related technical guidance.

Dr. Elizabeth Kiely

University College Cork, Ireland. Chair of University Ethics Committee, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy. Ethics Advisor of ECura project.

Prof. Lonán Ó Briain

University of Nottingham, UK. Specialist in music and culture of Hmong Ethnicity in Vietnam. (Hmong are the same ethnicity as the Miao in ECura Project). External Independent Ethics Advisor.

Senior advisors

  • Deng Ke, Music program producer, China Central TV Station
  • Long Chengpeng, Chief editor of journal Ethnicity Today
  • Guo Xiaowei, Head of The Centre of Intangible Cultural Transmission, Preservation and Exhibition, Yao’an county, Yunnan
  • Su Junjie, Director of the Yunnan Provincial Research Base of Intangible Culture Heritage & Assoc. Prof. at School of Ethnology and Sociology, Yunnan University
  • Su Xiaoyin, Manager of Yunnan Yingda Film and TV Cultural Media Inc.
  • Liu Xiaojin, the founder Yuansheng Studio and TV documentary producer.