Yalun is a PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology at the University College Cork. As a conservatory-trained pianist, Yalun started learning piano at age four and successfully entered the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, gaining a bachelor’s degree (2019). After four years of professional training, she was accepted by the Royal College of Music in London (RCM) and got a Master’s degree in Piano performance (2021). Her piano technique was polished under Professor Edna Stern’s direction. She has also been tutored by Andrew Zolinsky, Nigel Clayton, Yanfu Lin, and Yong Chen. As a Yi ethnic minority native from Yunnan province, China, she showed interest in the music and culture of ethnic minorities in Yunnan. Based on her rich experience in teaching piano examinations, she is now developing methods and aspects of combining music heritage with piano education.

Yalun is skilled in managing social media and publicities. As the Head of the Student’s Publicity Department, she has organized and led members for over two years and managed the Conservatory’s online social media platforms during her time at the College. She also managed music educational video translations online. She is mature in photography, video editing, poster design, H5 design and text editing.

Publications and Conferences

2024 ‘Observation on ICH Selection and Support System in China’. SMI/ICTMD-IE Postgraduate Conference, Maynooth.

2023 ‘Little River Flows’: Reconstructing a regional symbol of Yunnan’. 24th International CHIME Lisbon Conference, Lisbon.

2022 ‘How a Choir of Miao Farmers Became a Viral Hit’, SIXTH TONE, Sep 13, 2022. How a Choir of Miao Farmers Became a Viral Hit (sixthtone.com)


2021 Final recital in Royal College of Music, London, UK.

2019 Chamber Music Concert on the Chinese Modern Piano Pieces, Chengdu, China.

2019 Mess Squad ‘To the Beginning’ Concert, Chengdu, China.

2019 Mr. Lin Yanfu’s Students Piano Concert, Chengdu, China.

2017 Mr. Lin Yanfu’s students Yang Yalun& Lan Schuanglin’s Piano Concert, Chengdu, China.


2018 First Prize of the 4th German and Qingdao Irmler Cup International Piano Competition, Kunming

2018 First Prize of the 2017 Melbourne International Piano Competition, Chengdu

2016 Second Prize in the Professional Group of the 4th Liszt International Open Piano Competition, Chengdu