Meige performances on CCTV-15’s program “Children’s Voices in Song” during the Spring Festival

On February 14, 2024, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the crew from CCTV Music Channel’s “Children’s Voices in Song”(童声唱) visited and recorded the program in Yao’an County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. There, they delved into and introduced the nation to the Yi creation epic Meige, a cultural treasure of the Yi people handed down through chanting for centuries. It embodies the collective wisdom and spiritual aspirations of the Yi ancestors.

The Video of the Meige performances on CCTV-15’s program “Children’s Voices in Song” during the Spring Festival (video by Guo Xiaowei)

The program featured Luo Ying, a prefecture-level inheritor of Meige, who graced the stage with the classic Meige excerpt “The God Gezi Creates Heaven and Earth.” Her resonant and melodious voice brought out the depth and strength of Yi culture, echoing throughout the venue. Professor Gao Shuqin from the School of Arts at Yunnan Minzu University followed, providing an in-depth interpretation of the modes of transmission and the rich cultural connotations of Meige, referring to it as the “encyclopedia” of Yi culture. Guo Xiaowei, as a principal manager of Yunnan Meige Studio and a folk scholar in Meige culture, passes the torch of Meige culture to the next generation by organizing a Meige Children’s Class and teaching and training a group of thirteen schoolchildren in Meige songs during their spare time. The children shone brightly on the program, skillfully performing two Meige nursery rhymes, “Looking for Playmates” (找伴玩) and “Carving a Wooden Trough” (挖木啦). Dressed in traditional Yi costume, they showcased the traditional Left Foot Dance (左脚舞) and the exquisite playing of the guard flute(葫芦笙), blending traditional music with dance and revealing the unique charm of Yi culture. The pure smiles and talent of the children won waves of applause and cheers from the audience.

This special journey of “Children’s Voices in Song” not only showcased the colorful facets of Yi culture but also presented a Spring Festival brimming with hope and vitality to the audience. Through such cultural exchange and artistic inheritance, the Meige epic will continue to shine on a broader stage, inspiring deeper respect and love for Yi culture among more people.